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Brandon Cornejo

  • About Me

    Welcome! I am Brandon Cornejo, a computer and technology enthusiast from Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a passion for writing clean, modern and extensible software.

    I've been writing code for over a decade and across a myriad of devices, platforms, frameworks and languages. Supplemented with my knowledge of network and system administration my skillset can be described as "full stack" in the broadest sense. I am an open advocate for free (as in freedom) software and strongly believe everyone has a right to security, privacy and anonymity online.

    I have degrees in both Computer Networking and Information Science from local institutions. Coupled with an ever-growing sphere of self-motivated learning and exploration my areas of expertise lie across the spectrum, including but not limited to:

    • Programming Languages (Python, JavaScript/Node, C(#/++), Apex, Lua, Go)
    • Libraries and Frameworks (Flask, SQLALchemy, Express, Django, Jinja, Nunjucks)
    • Linux Administration, DevOps, Cloud Computing (Kubernetes, Containers/Docker, AWS, Linode, Heroku, CI/CD)
    • Memory Stores and Message Queues (Redis, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Celery)
    • Databases (Postgres, Maria/MySQL, Cassandra, Mongo)
    • Salesforce (Sales|Service|FSL|Community Clouds, LWC, Apex, Heroku, Einstein)
    • Network/Applications Security and Cryptography
  • Employment

    Neuraflash - Managing Technical Architect [2020-2022]
    • About: Architecting multi-million dollar projects encompassing custom development, system integrations, data migration, Mulesoft, chatbots and AI.
    • Technologies: Mulesoft, JavaScript, WebComponents (LWC), Apex, Heroku, Redis, Python
    Canpango (ScanSource) - Senior Developer [2016-2020]
    • About: Salesforce professional services firm. Custom development, systems integrations, data migration, Salesform platform customization/extension.
    • Technologies: JavaScript, WebComponents (LWC), Apex, Heroku, Redis, Python
    Cliq2 Technologies - Developer [2016-2016]
    • About: A small team general-tech consultancy. Systems integrations, ETL, custom websites, CMS extension, etc.
    • Technologies: C#, JavaScript, AWS, REST, SOAP, Wordpress and similar
    Corvisa (CorvisaCloud) - Backend Developer [2014-2016]
    • About: Custom built Business Phone System, Contact Center Software, Lua-based PaaS
    • Technologies: Python, Django, Tastypie (REST), Redis, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Lua, SIP
    Harley-Davidson Motor Company (HDMC) - Web Developer/Designer [2010-2014]
    • About: Developed custom computer-based training for Harley-Davidson University. Create and maintain interactive web training for employees and global dealership network. Managing translations and localizations.
    • Technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, XML, ActionScript (Flash, moving existing CBTs to modern HTML5 framework), SCORM
  • Education

    B.S., Information Science & Technology (2013)
    University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
    A.A.S, IT Network Specialist (2010)
    Milwaukee Area Technical College
    Heroku Architecture Designer - Earned 2020
    Twelve-factor app methodology, Heroku platform specifics, Redis, Kafka, etc
    Salesforce Platform Developer - Earned 2017
    Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, Salesforce platform specifics
    Titanium Certified Application Developer - Earned 2012
    Framework for cross-platform mobile app development
  • Projects

    Twitch Trivia

    A trivia system for Twitch.tv chat meant for organizations and with a focus on easy statistics and integration for driving web traffic with leaderboards.


    ACKS Toolkit

    Tools for the Adventurer Conqueror King tabletop system. Namely the generation of NPC parties based on an extracted dataset, with importability into the Roll20.net platform for use on their VTT.

    Includes a fully custom-built character sheet for Roll20.net as well, built with HTML5/CSS and the Roll20 APIs.

    Git Web


    A friendly DotA community. A safe-harbour from the general toxicity of the DotA universe. Website with a Teamspeak server. Steam OIDC for logins. Event system integrated with Teamspeak via API and a forum board via database. Participation points based on time spent in auto-generated Teamspeak rooms for events etc.

    Git Web

    DiscworldMUD TinTin++ Setup

    Extensive configuration and scripting for the TinTin++ CLI based MUD client specific to the Discworld MUD.



    A prototype website for a VPN service.


    Orna Equipment Combinator

    Simple combination calculator for equipment statistics for the Orna GeoRPG.

    Git Web

    DiscworldMUD Shop Dashboard

    A small python/Flask web application to keep track of stock, sales, and profits for player-run shops in the DiscworldMUD. I had a need to determine if a certain class of stock was profitable to offer and created this to help make that decision.

    Git Web

    There are some other personal projects scattered across my self-hosted Gitea and Github
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